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What makes friendship so valuable is the fact that we can meet people and build a solid, platonic relationship with others that benefits everyone.

Patrick Pickett, author of the children’s book “Franklin the Fearless and His Greatest Treasure: A Thomas and Matthew Adventure,” is aware of how important friendship is. It’s even one of the valuable lessons he wants to teach kids in his book. As Thomas and Matthew go on their swashbuckling adventures, friendship is always present in those moments.

Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at what truly makes the notion of “friendship” so important and why everybody needs it.

What Are the Advantages of Friendships?

Having supportive pals improves your health. Friends can encourage you through difficult times and help you enjoy the good moments. In addition to preventing loneliness and isolation, friends also allow you to provide the necessary company. Friends are also there to:

  • Increase your joy and decrease your stress.
  • Boost your sense of value and confidence.
  • Boost your feeling of purpose and belonging.
  • Urge you to give up or refrain from bad lifestyle choices, such as binge drinking or not exercising.
  • Assist you in overcoming traumatic events like divorce, a significant illness, losing your job, or the passing of someone you cherish.

Your general health is also much enhanced by your friends. Strong social ties in adulthood are associated with a lower incidence of depression, hypertension, and an unhealthy BMI (Body Mass Index), among other serious health issues.

Indeed, research indicates that older persons with strong social networks and meaningful interactions tend to live longer than their less-connected contemporaries.

Is There a “Healthy” Amount of Friends?

Quantity is not as important as quality. You might have a stronger sense of well-being and belonging if you have a broader circle of friends and acquaintances. People can do this by nurturing close, significant relationships that will have their back come hell or high water.

What makes friendship so valuable is that even if we only have five friends or less, as long as the bond is strong, it still ends up being “healthy.” Friendship is all about enriching your life and improving your health, and you can only achieve that if you have loyal and true friends. And that’s what a Thomas and Matthew adventure wants to tell readers.

How Can a Person Nurture the Friendship They Have With Others?

Giving and receiving are necessary for forming and preserving wholesome friendships. You may be the one assisting at times, or you may be the one receiving it. Telling friends how much you value and care about them can assist in deepening your friendship.

Being a good friend to others and surrounding yourself with other excellent friends are equally vital. Here’s how you can nurture the friendships you have:

• Open Yourself Up

By sharing personal details with your pals, you can develop intimacy. Sharing private details and worries with a buddy demonstrates your special regard for them and could strengthen your bond.

• Handle Your Nervousness Using Mindfulness

You can want to stay home because you see the worst possible social settings. Practice mindfulness to change the way you think. Whenever you envision the worst, notice how frequently the awkward circumstances you fear truly occur. You can see that the things you worry about don’t often come to pass.

• Be Kind to Yourself and Others

The foundation of a healthy relationship is still this most fundamental action. Friendship can be compared to an emotional savings account. This account gets topped off by every act of thankfulness and generosity, whereas the account is depleted by negativity and criticism.

Always keep in mind that nurturing friendships is just as important as friendship itself. Maintaining existing ones and making new friends can benefit you in the long run by improving your health and perspective.

What Makes Friendship So Valuable? We Believe You Have the Answer!

You now have the answer to the question, “What makes friendship so valuable?” And having the answer gives you the chance to look at your friendships and value them. We hope that you’ll be able to use the answer you discovered to nurture the friends and loved ones you have!

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